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  • Getting your carpets regularly cleaned will extend their lifetime and help your home look and smell fresh. Annual carpet cleaning also keeps your carpets free of pathogens and bacteria, which can cause asthma, allergies and other airborne diseases. Our technicians clean your carpets to the highest standards, eliminating stains and restoring softness and durability.

    We use a 5-step extraction cleaning system using toxic free professional detergents not available on the High St.

    1. Our technicians test your carpet for colour fastness
    2. Your carpet is pre sprayed to loosen debris
    3. The carpet is agitated with a rotary buffer that extracts all the dirt and debris from the pile
    4. Carpets are rinsed to flush out any remaining dirt
    5. All moisture is sucked out of the clean fibres

    Our technique helps the carpet dry superfast and produces the best results. You can walk on the carpet almost as soon as we have finished the clean, as 95% of all the moisture has been extracted.

    Our operatives are trained to move your furniture to ensure no area is missed, and operatives maintain the integrity of your carpets by wearing protective overshoes.

    For more information, if you are looking for a competitive price or want to change your current provider please contact us to talk about the service that you need and we will arrange for a member of our friendly team to survey your premises free of charge.